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Frequently Asked Questions


Please deliver the check to the Bursar’s Office. If the Bursar’s office is unavailable, please deliver the check to Accounts Receivable.  For further information, please contact the Bursar’s office at ext. 3065.

    • If the check is a reimbursement or rebate for an expense previously paid for, the check should be deposited against the same account and object code that paid for the expense. 

For example, I paid for a calculator from account 284510-4010.  If I received a rebate for the calculator, I would deposit the check to 284510-4010 to offset the expense.

    •  If you receive a gift or donation, please contact Institutional Advancement at ext. 3292.  They will instruct you of the proper procedures and where to deposit.  A new account may need to be set up for the gift.

For further assistance, please contact your accountant.  If you are unable to reach your accountant and need to deposit the check immediately, please use a local account that is not a Designated Tuition (DT) or restricted account.  If you have another 2xxxxx account, that would be the best choice.  A correction can be made once you decide where the funds should go.