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Miscellaneous Questions

There are several factors to consider when answering this question.

(1) The account may be a state or designated tuition account. These accounts do not allow for funds to be rolled forward.

(2) If funds have rolled forward in the past and no longer roll, perhaps the Year-End process flag for the account was changed and funds no longer roll forward.

(3) Was there an agreement this year to transfer funds to another account where the funds were transferred at the beginning of the budget cycle?

You may send an email to The security officers are able to tell you who has approving rights. They may also inform you on the process to get those changed.

You may contact the payroll department for a manual correction on the wage expense transactions. An EPA will need to be completed to make any account number changes. If the change is for a partial amount of the wage, contact the Payroll Manager at ext. 2411 for further assistance.

For grant accounts, you may contact the Research Office. For gift accounts, you may contact Institutional Advancement. You must review the fund source on the accounts. A copy of the New Account Request form can be requested through your accountant. This may help you determine where the funding came from. If no information is available, please contact the Budget Office at x5742.

You will need to contact the Budget Office at x5742 or e-mail at with an explanation for the need to move salaries. This request is only allowed at the beginning of the budget cycle to allow for budget planning for the different fund sources.

Common errors on transactions are transpositions to accounts, invalid object codes, etc. When these happen, they go to a suspense account #000100 that is reconciled monthly by the Budget Office. The Budget Office will send an e-mail requesting the correct information and they will ensure the transaction gets processed as intended. You may contact them at with questions/concerns.

A fiscal request is intended to request funds for unexpected/unforeseen costs that your department may be responsible for and for which you do not have funds from any of your accounts to cover these with. Instructions for filling out your request are on the Budget website at After you fill out the form, mail it to USC225A or e-mail it to We will forward the form for approval and notify the department when the request is finalized. If it gets approved, the Budget Office will take care of the necessary steps to get the funds in the specified account(s) on the request.