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EPA Questions

In Canopy, proceed to the Create New Doc tab in the EPA main Menu.

“New Iteration” simply means a new change to the position.

Verify the effective date entered on the EPA document and if it is the same effective date used on the previous iteration, proceed by clicking on the “Replace Prior Iteration” box in the EPA Document Information Section.

No. The Funding Source Dates must cover the dates of the Annual Term. If the funding is being split between several accounts, the “From Date” should be the 1st or the 16th of the month. The “To Date” is always the 15th or the last day of the month.

No. Once a document has been cancelled, it cannot be modified.

More than likely you have two active documents for the same PIN and the EPA system only allows one active document per PIN. Identify the active documents in error and either 1) edit and complete or, 2) cancel and void.

No. The BPP system is organized by positions in PINS and employees occupy PINS. You must select a PIN in order to create an EPA document.

The funding source line dates have to match the annual dates and can only be with the date beginning with the 1st of that month or can be the 16th of that month and the ending dates can be either 15th or the end date of that month.

Fall pay period dates are 09/01/20xx-01/15/20xx Spring dates are 01/16/20xx- 5/31/20xx Summer I dates are 06/01/20xx-07/15/20xx Summer II dates are 07/16/20xx-08/31/20xx

Graduate Teaching = 1415

Graduate Research = 1325

Graduate Non-Teaching = 1525

Graduate Teaching = 7700

Graduate Research = 9121

Graduate Non-Teaching = 9120

Go to the section of your EPA that has the Rate Information section on the right side where it says Source Control and click on the drop down arrow and select Locked Amts (L) and then save, then you can edit the Funding Source lines and on the section where the Bud. Salary box is type in dollar amount with no cents and then save and it will update the line number. Then do the same thing for each account. Then make sure you validate and close EPA for routing.