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Frequently Asked Questions

1.2 Biweekly Employees

Only during the summer if she/he intends to enroll in the following Fall Semester. Otherwise you will need to change the title to a non-student title.

Work study programs allow 20 hours per week. Institutional student employees can work as many hours as the department wants. Any hours worked on campus over 40 in a week is subject to overtime.

No, as long as a student is enrolled half time or more, they will be exempt from OASI and OAHI, but is subject to FIT according to the W-4 on file.

Most commonly, the increase in tax deductions is due to having social security and medicare (FICA) taxes deducted. You must be enrolled at least one half time each semester to qualify for the student FICA exemption. If enrollment drops below one half time, you no longer qualify for the exemption and these taxes will be deducted from your pay check.

There is a student rule that allows a FICA exemption if the student is enrolled half-time or more.  Workday reads a file from banner where SSNs are matched and if enrollment is met, the student doesn’t pay FICA taxes.