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No, IRS goes by our check dates not pay periods that we are getting paid for so the January check will be on our next year’s W-2.

There are several variations of how faculty are paid during the summer. Currently MayMester, Summer Sessions I and II are considered when calculating percent effort for the summer months pay. For example, the faculty member teaches a 3 sch class for the Maymester as well as each summer session (9 sch's total), they will be paid at 75% effort for June, July and August. If the faculty member teaches only Summer Session II, the pay is divided by 1.5 months so the first check is paid August 1st (07/16/xx-07/31/xx) half a months’ pay and the second check for Summer II is paid on September 1st (08/01/xx-08/31/xx) one full months pay. Contact your College's Business Coordinator/Manager for confirmation on how the payments will be processed.

Your first pay check for the Fall will be on October 1st (for the month of September).

Go into SSO (Single Sign On) then HRConnect then to the payroll tab, scroll down and choose the pay date you want to view and click on the View Pay Stub button.

Social Security Tax

Medicare Tax

Federal Income tax

Moving allowances (relocations expenses) are process through payroll using the one-time payment form.