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Time Traq Questions

No, they are able to go into TimeTraq and get the information they need.

No, only if he works over 40 hours in one week.

You can contact payroll or HR at ext. 2630, 2627, 3231, 5792, or 5884, so they can reset your password

Payroll deadlines are posted on the Payroll website, "Schedules". Some department vary slightly from the posted Payroll deadlines. It is up to the department to let biweekly employees know the deadline for submitting hours.

To access Time Traq you must first login to Single Sign On ( Once you have successfully logged in the Time Traq Button should appear in the SSO Menu Time Traq. (*Note: If Time Traq button does not appear contact the Payroll Department x5792).

Adding or subtracting hours from an employee’s timesheet is referred to in Time Traq as timesheet “adjustments”. See "Editing and Reopening Adjustments" in the Time Traq Tips for instructions.

While an email is in general a reliable service, delivery of messages is not guaranteed. This means that TimeTraq can send an email message successfully but the message still may not be delivered for any number of reasons, including, but not limited to: 1. failures on the TAMU mainframe email server 2. failures on a system member's email server 3. local spam filters 4. Preferences have not been setup to receive email notifications. TimeTraq managers are more likely than any other group to have this problem because they are often choosing to rely on an email notification to instruct them to approve their employees' timesheets. TimeTraq administrators should ensure that managers are trained to realize that they need to approve their employees' timesheets at the end of every reporting period whether they get an email from TimeTraq or not.

Yes, normally a timesheet with no work hours is cancelled. However, if one or more timesheet adjustment record for hours worked in a previous pay period need to be reported, add the adjustment(s) and submit the timesheet.

TimeTraq processes EPA changes overnight, so the new rate of pay will be automatically imported into TimeTraq the day after the EPA is approved. (*Note for Department Administrators: If you cannot wait overnight, you can manually update budget by using the “Recalc button” in the employee’s timesheet).

Employees whose jobs have more than one approver will have their timesheets routed to these approvers in sequence. If the manager isn't the first approver on the list, he/she must wait until the first assigned manager approves the timesheet before it will arrive in his/her Inbox.

A manager rejects a timesheet by selecting it from his/her Inbox and running the Reject command from the Timesheet Overview screen.